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Mishu's Free Celebrity Cursors

This page includes

  1. Carrie-Anne Moss cursor
  2. Christina Applegate cursor
  3. Carmen Elektra cursor
  4. Courtney Cox cursor
  5. Russell Crowe cursor
  6. Calista Flockhart cursor
  7. Charlize Theron cursor
  8. Chris Klein cursor
  9. Catherine Zeta Jones cursor
  10. David Borianaz cursor
  11. David Duchovny cursor
  12. Dean Cain cursor

Just click on the one you like in order to download.



Carrie-Anne Moss




Christina Applegate



Carmen Elektra





Courtney Cox



Russell Crowe




Calista Flockhart



Charlize Theron



Chris Klein



Catherine Zeta Jones



David Borianaz



David Duchovny



Dean Cain



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